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Port NOLA’s role is to plan, build and maintain the infrastructure necessary to grow jobs and economic opportunity related to trade and commerce.

The Port collaborates with state and local partners to ensure that we can continue to be a vital link to the world for businesses and consumers — throughout Louisiana and beyond.

Port NOLA Strategic Master Plan

The Port’s Strategic Master Plan, published in Spring 2018, is a bold vision that paves a path forward to ensure that the Port meets market demand to lead the region to greater sustained prosperity.

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The Port NOLA Inner Harbor Economic Revitalization Plan (PIER Plan) is a collaborative planning project with the City of New Orleans focused on future development of the Port's Inner Harbor and surrounding communities, funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The PIER Plan will:

  • Engage and gather input from all parties interested in and affected by Inner Harbor development.
  • Envision future development – with an emphasis on two catalyst sites – that maximizes economic development and job creation, and positions the area to attract future Port tenants and other opportunities.
  • Synthesize and communicate key information about opportunities for redevelopment on Port and City property surrounding the Inner Harbor.
  • Reinforce existing and build new partnerships to leverage resources to successfully address challenges of redevelopment, especially implementation and funding.

PIER Plan is an opportunity for the Port to revitalize its Inner Harbor creating a new economic vision for this corridor through new job creation and job connections, increasing commerce and industrial viability. The project area includes the entire Inner Harbor, with catalyst sites for focused planning – two portions around the Florida Avenue Turning Basin, and the property at 7300 Jourdan Road -- shown in this area map.

These planning efforts are ongoing, along with the development of an implementation strategy that will help identify the best ways to turn the plan into tangible actions. Over the next two years strides will be made to catalog what is known about Inner Harbor properties, gathering input from stakeholders – current businesses, economic and development entities, NGOs, community leaders, other agencies and elected officials – and identifying what improvements would be most efficient, whether economic, environmental, infrastructure, connections to the community or in other areas. The final plan will help combine stakeholders like job training organizations, community members, industrial tenants and prospective businesses to identify workforce gaps and connect training opportunities with business needs.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Brownfields Area-Wide Planning grant program, competitively awarded to Port NOLA for planning purposes to revitalize the Inner Harbor area, provides project funding.

To view an informational card on the PIER Plan, click here.

For more information about the PIER Plan contact Amelia Pellegrin at or call 504.528.3301.